New Age Recruitment


It's Time To Switch To The New Age Recruitment Process

Technology is always developing innovations that improve our lifestyles, work processes, and derivative accuracy. To achieve desired results, the expanding recruitment environment has very effectively integrated advancements like deep learning, cloud computing, and AI. This is not only cost-effective but also promises greater revenues. AI helps to manage and increase the productivity of recruitment, which is a time-consuming and difficult activity overall. However, the reality of artificial intelligence (AI) and what it means for the human resources (HR) industry is largely misunderstood by the general public. Contrary to fears that it will ultimately lead to job losses, automation and AI aid to improve manual capacity and output. Yet how? The new age of recruiting comprises basic activities and initiatives that draw talent and aid in the objectives of both candidates and industries.

Targeted searches assist job seekers in locating an appropriate position. In this approach, businesses may identify qualified candidates without having to sort through a pile of paperwork. Today's engineered technology works to reduce stress for every profession. Recruitment being one of the hardest jobs, requires ample amount of work from screening to interviews and when all of this is done manually, chances of errors arise.

Don't Let Your Resources Go in Vain

Are you a brand that is spending a huge amount of time and money on hiring, but eventually finds it a total waste? Then it is time to not let talents slip into competitors' space. Depending on its service, every business is unique and has a different hiring process, but the stakes are high for every firm. A team can be completely transformed by proper recruitment, yet unwise decisions can be extremely expensive for companies. Since recruiters simply cannot afford to lose valuable time or top talent in the process, it is better to blend in with the trend of a technologically advanced world.

Manual hiring processes are not only tedious but also a threat to resources that you've worked so hard to develop. It can be either poor candidate experience or a slow team, for many reasons, manual tasks may be letting excellent and skilled candidates fall through the cracks. Understanding the gravity of the issue, Enable Hire, brought forth a solution that will not only decrease the pressure but will also make it profitable.

Among tasks like sourcing, screening, interviewing and onboarding, interviews are a largely consuming activity. Interacting with several candidates is a skill that is best administered by experts with years of experience. Asking questions, reading under the lines, analysing body language and visualising the future of the brand all at once. Adding to the pressure, humans are vulnerable to emotions which can lead to wrong or biased choices. Thus it is not wrong to conclude that recruiters face a lot of challenges during the whole process. However, this can be avoided and rather made easy with the introduction of AI in the system. Snthesising, screening, managing information, scheduling and taking interviews can be made easy with the introduction of platforms like ours. Enable Hire came into being with a strong aim to modify and rectify the interviewing process. This not only makes work easier on the recruiter's end but also on the candidate's end.

Here is how candidates can benefit for this platform

While recruiters in today's world do suffer the impediments of manual recruiting, candidates also encounter many challenges in getting the right job. Candidates apply for a job in the true hope of getting selected but when recruitment is handled exclusively by humans, then biased decisions are made. Unfortunately, candidates are selected based on their appearance instead of talent. This underestimation discourages the candidate and leads to withdrawal. Moreover, candidates who are unable to reach the interview venue on that particular day miss the opportunity. AI interview integration benefits both parties making it hassle-free and affordable.

  • The quick and easy approach: With its accessible features candidates can anywhere give their interviews, while recruiters need not sort a schedule as the machine is going to do their job.

  • Establishes a good reputation for the brand: The brand is recognised as flexible and considerate. Most importantly its use gives your company a technological boost.

  • Eliminate the risk of fraud: Through AI you can spot fake resumes, recognise voice on-call interviews and much more. This will help your company find genuine talent.

  • Easily shortlist suitable candidates: Without having to search through a pile of data and arrange interviews, AI makes it easy to shortlist candidates for the final decision.

  • Choose the best of the best: AI makes you geographically accessible to several candidates. So now a reliable candidate with more potential can be found in different cities.

Keeping in mind all the troubles and comfort, Enable Hire has brought a full-fledged support platform that saves time and increases efficiency. We are amongst the most powerful talent assessment and acquisition platforms. Our features include Live video-based screening and AI-enabled real-time video and voice assessment analysis.

How Enable Hire has changed the scenario for recruiters?

  1. Recruiters can now easily upload the vacancy by smoothly creating a link on the company website.

  2. They can post it on multiple job sites available on the web like LinkedIn, freelancer and more.

  3. Recruiters can get rid of unnecessary applications and only receive screening results from genuine candidates.

  4. Make informed and quick decisions based on AI analysis of communication skills and personality.

  5. Easily shortlist talented candidates and share the recordings for validation with seniors to filter further.

  6. Plan well-organised online interviews with various interviewers.

  7. Use technology to Could share existing recordings with other decision-makers for their feedback.

  8. Finally recruiters are able to look at the candidate's total timeline and make decisions with accuracy.

How Enable Hire has changed the scenario for applicants:

  1. Candidates can now record a brief interview of no more than two minutes in which they introduce themselves and respond to only important inquiries.

  2. They can receive frequent information on where they stood in the process without having to wait days or weeks.

  3. They can now plan video interviews with each other from any device.

  4. They are able to obtain employment in the greatest and most progressive industries without encountering any kind of biases.

client-dedicated platform that aims to produce efficient results. By using our platform, one can reduce time to hire by 15 days on average and eliminate 50% of logistical challenges. During the hiring process, you can also reduce hiring costs by 25% by maximizing resource utilization. Using Enable Hire, you can accelerate time-to-hire, improve retention, and reduce hiring costs across the entire recruitment lifecycle.