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Find Out How You Can Improve Interview Results For Your Organisation

The recruitment process is critical for every organisation. Each organisation has developed its own approach to recruitment, with the objective of maximising good hires at the least expense of effort and cost. From hiring based on resumes to taking tests to doing multiple rounds of interviews, organisations put a great deal of focus on how to get the best candidates for the job to on-board.

But making a decision on which candidate to choose over others is often as much of guesswork and intuition as it is data and information driven especially when  "20 percent or one in every five resumes in the industry is fake or has forged information"(*the economics times).

So what's the solution? Emerging technology has some answers for this question. The era of AI has just started and is blazing a new trail, affecting all industries and functions at a global scale. Not only can it reduce manual efforts but has also augments the experience of tasks where AI supports human actions and decisions. And this is also true in the HR industry, which can benefit from AI-enabled interviews and automated hiring systems along with many other use cases. 

According to research by LinkedIn, 

67% of HR professionals state that AI recruitment solutions are a time saver 30% found it to be a money-saver by enhancing productivity For 43% it is beneficial in eliminating human bias And 31% have found suitable candidates in recent efforts.

What more do we need to realize that HR focussed AI is worth exploring and integrating?

If you are a brand that is struggling to find the best employees among the thousands of applications you receive, then trust us that sticking to conventional methods will not help much. Adapting the rapidly emerging capabilities of various AI and AI enabled solutions can be a game-changer.

AI is officially taking over the recruitment landscape. Where are you? 

The AI trend is here to help you gain advantage by adding AI capabilities to the human element of your recruitment process. AI can help eliminate subjectivity in the hiring process by providing much deeper and insightful data points than can be gained by reading resumes or interviewing people in the conventional manner.

EnableX Hire introduces you to the ultimate solution which will help you set the bar for recruitment efficiency among your industry peers. The advanced way of choosing reliable candidates without using too many resources will increase productivity, reduce time to hire and improve long term candidate selection outcomes.

We have a solution for companies struggling with fake resumes, time-consuming appointments, unreliable applicants, and meaningless interactions with candidates. With real-time AI and live video analysis, our platform is among the most powerful candidate screening and interview tools available. Sessions can be recorded and analyzed without the involvement of third parties, ensuring your privacy. Using this platform, you can rely on it to catch potential issues the human eye might not see.

Free yourself from the challenging interview sessions.

An interview isn't just about asking questions and getting answers; it's about assessing a candidate's knowledge, confidence, honesty, and body language, among other things. For inexperienced interviewers, this can be challenging. Identifying these signs and checking the candidate's background takes years of expertise. Failure to do so can lead to a subpar workforce. Fortunately, our AI-powered platform can help you avoid mistakes that can be made manually. Our platform is feature-rich and equipped with tools that allow you to accurately measure important parameters in an efficient manner.

It's a fact that machines can perform tasks with greater precision and reduce the chances of errors. AI-based decision-making can complement and improve human decision-making, making work easier and providing long-term benefits.

Is your recruitment strategy failing to enhance productivity?

Then you definitely need these:

Fast hiring solution: When it comes to hiring, speed and efficiency are crucial. With EnableX Hire, you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on hiring and make sure that you find the right candidate quickly and easily.

Objective decision making: To avoid human biases and facilitate objective decision-making, emotional AI systems can be used. With Enablex FaceAI integrated into HIRE, candidates' emotional state, confidence, and other factors are assessed during interviews, helping hiring managers make better decisions.

Flexible hiring software: Designed to fit seamlessly into your company's unique hiring processes, our software is flexible and integrated.

Accessibility: Our goal is to provide a flexible and user-friendly platform that benefits both the company and the candidates, making the hiring process easy and accessible for all.

Reduced hiring cost: By expediting screening, evaluating applicant answers, and improving workflows, our platform can significantly reduce organizational hiring costs.

Higher Productivity: Our platform enables faster and more efficient hiring. This results in higher productivity for your hiring department and gives them the ability to fill the vacancies faster.

Reduced manual effort: Contrary to the myth that AI installation replaces jobs, it actually reduces manual efforts and enhances human capacity, making tasks more efficient and effective.

Eligible candidates: AI is adept at identifying eligible and talented candidates. It not only attracts the target audience but also finds profiles that perfectly match the eligibility criteria.

Eco-friendly: Our platform offers a one-time installation procedure that significantly reduces the need for constant resource consumption, such as paper used for job applications that often end up in the trash. This makes our platform eco-friendly.

Incorporating AI-enabled tools gives companies a technological edge and increases competitiveness in the market. It also provides mobility to applicants, resulting in a larger audience visiting the site and a higher ratio of deserving candidates landing on your portal.

EnableX Hire integrates all these features into your recruitment landscape. It makes your company a competitive, progressive brand that is updated and equipped with the latest technology. By marking and filtering resumes, scheduling interviews, and sending automated emails, our recruiting software streamlines, simplifies, and de-stresses the hiring process. With our AI system, significant time, money, and administrative burden can be saved.

Upgrade your recruitment game with the latest technology and avoid fraudulent resumes, unauthentic phone interviews, and manual errors. Our AI-enabled tools streamline the hiring process, saving time, money, and administrative burden. Embrace innovation and improve your recruitment landscape with our easy payment process.